Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seeing is believing!

Well its that time of year....Back to School time. I don't know about you all, but this summer has just flown by and I cannot believe my son will be in the 2nd grade. It's just amazing! And with all the preparing that goes into this last month before school like; backpacks, school supplies, clothes and shoes, and a new bedtime schedule, its really important to think about getting your son or daughter in for an eye exam. That way they can determine even before school begins whether they will need eyeglasses.
Usually you are required by the school district when children begin school in Kindergarten, but I feel that getting their eyes checked every year is the best option. You never know when sight can change. Its especially important to do this if you see your child squinting, closing one eye while watching TV, or holding his papers or books really close to his/her face while reading or writing. Those are signs that they may need prescription eyeglasses!
My son has had many eye exams and usually they have been a very quick process. He hasn't had any problems but from friends with children who do, they may need to have other exams to determine the severity of their sight issues. If your child does need glasses, it can be an adjustment for them. Remember that they need a little time to get used to wearing them and may need your help to give them some confidence. I know a few children that wear glasses and at first it was hard, but after some time, wearing glasses became just part of their routine.

I realize that glasses can be very expensive at times, and in today's economy we need to search for places that have the best frames and better deals. I received a great pair of glasses online just the other day and I have to say I was very impressed. Glasses USA offers many options for adults at great prices. They even recycle and give those glasses to agencies that offer them to people in need.
So remember, take your child to the doctor and have their sight checked. Its so important. And also, head on over to Glasses USA and check out their selection of frames.
Thanks for Reading, Danielle


carma said...

wanted to say "hi" and I hope that you are doing well :-)

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Hi, I'm Marianna. I'm Italian.
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Hey D,

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Anonymous said...

looks like a nice place to shop for glasses, I will check it out because mine was kind of expensive. I will bookmark your blog.

Beachside Cottage said...

Thanks for the tips - I had custom lasik surgery done about five years ago - and now I need readers! But, it's still better than needing glasses or contacts all the time because I was blind as a bat! (I need readers because I turned the 40 -nothing bad with the surgery!!!!)

Have a Happy Fourth weekend!


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